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Welcome to Markwood Heavenly Strings
and Cambria Harp Kits & Plans!

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"There are other string makers/sellers, but Laurie is the one I have the
most and best experience with. She has a computer program where you send
her the list of the string lengths, and she inputs it and it spills out the
string gauges and pitches for a coherent stringing. You can tell her 'I
want it the same range it was to begin with' or you can tell her to let the
program set its own optimum." 
Jaye in California

Cambria Harp
Available as Harp Kit
for as low as $275.

"Your harp will sound the best it can with high quality, tightly and evenly wound Markwood strings."


Finest Quality Harp Strings

Since 1992 we have specialized in fine quality harp strings for all models of lever harps. Our uniquely designed string winding machine stretches the core of our strings, as well as the wrap, resulting in tightly and evenly wound, high quality strings.

We have more than 1500 string charts on file.  This includes lever, folk, Celtic, Irish, historical, Scottish, Welsh, Gothic, lap harps, therapy and healing harps, wire strung, bronze strung, nylon strung, double strung, cross strung, and antique pedals harps.  If we have your harp in our computer files, you can call, and specify maker, model, and strings number.  We'll have the gauges and vibrating lengths on our chart.

If we don't have your particular harp model we will use our computer string program to design a set specifically for you.

We enjoy designing strings for the best sound and feel your harp can have, and problem solving for breakage. Whether you would like low tension, medium tension, high tension we design strings to fit your needs and your folk or lever harp.

Here is what our clients are saying:

"Thanks Laurie!  I appreciate how quickly you met my needs and answered my questions.  You will ALWAYS get my harp string orders."  Patti, Ohio

"The strings are great! The bass strings have a wonderful tension without feeling hard. The nylon strings, particularly the higher ones give a sweet crystal like sound. I don't know if I'm just imaging things, but it seems that your strings allow for a very accurate tuning." Leontine in Greece

"Hello Laurie, You've got one more happy customer!!! The sound is great. Best wishes, Manfred"

"Hi Laurie!  I am thrilled with the strings, and your service is outstanding. Thanks, Jason"


Computerized Stringing Analysis

Computerized Stringing Analysis is one of the unique services we offer. There are a lot of physics that goes into string selection.  Many harpmakers, and players, come to us.

With this service, you tell us the vibrating lengths and the note range of the harp, we input this into the computer which provides guidelines for designing gauges and material that are appropriate for your harp. Using our computerized harp string design analysis program, we design strings that will give you the sound and feel that you desire.

We specialize in harp string problem solving. If you are experiencing excessive string breakage, or feel that some of the strings on your harp are too soft, in tension, or too taut, we can help. We have experience redesigning strings for harps that have been damaged and repaired. Our experience in designing custom harps with gut, nylon, or bronze strings, has taught us a great deal about what type of string material and string tension will sound and feel good, on different kinds of harps.

Please e-mail us for a Computerized Stringing Analysis form.

String Price List

Computerized Stringing Analysis $15.    Cross strung harps, pedal harps, and other instruments $20.    Please request a CSA form.

6" dial caliper - get more use from your monofilaments!   $29.00

Monofilament nylon strings: Music quality Tynex strings, available in  clear, red, blue, black    .025 .028 .032 .036   - $1.00 each
.040 .045   - $2.00 (please specify gauge and color)

.050  .055  - $3.00 each

Bronze strings:
.014-.022 $1.00 each, .025-.040 $2.00 each
(please specify gauge and vibrating length)

red and blue oil markers  $8. each, $15 for two


Wound strings:

nylon/nylon strings  $6. each,  over 40" long $8. each.  

nylon/nylon strings with  .050 .055  core  $8. each.
Strings are wound to vibrating length plus approx 1"
(please specify gauge, vibrating length, and color)

Metal strings: Steel fibre bronze, steel fibre nylon, bronze nylon, bronze fibre nylon and bronze fibre bronze - $9., over 40" long $12. each  (please specify gauge and vibrating length)
Strings are wound to vibrating length plus approx 3". 

Silver wound available upon request.  

Fibre core strings:  fibre/bronze, fibre/silver   $12 each,  over 40"  $15. each

Mailing charges: U.S. single string $3.00, string sets $8.00
Single string to Canada $8, single string to Other countries $10.

String sets to Canada $23.00 - Other countries $26.00

String Sets

We have over 3000 strings sets on file. If you don't see your set here, please email us.   String set prices are by the number of wound strings and type of strings determined by the builder. Prices are subject to change without notice.

A note to harp builders: it's always been our policy to not give out your chart string.


String Set Model              Price String Set Brand           Price String Set Brand           Price
Aoyama 140
Aoyama 130
Aoyama 120
Aoyama 100
Blessley Songbird
Blevins Encore
BlevinsCross strung
Bostard Harps
Bragg Creek Harps
Cambria 34C
CaswellGaelic 33
CaswellGaelic 31
CaswellGaelic 30
Clark A
Clark B
Clark C
Dilling Single Action
Dorman Dalraida36
Dorman Dalraida 38
Dorman Claddagh





Folkcraft 36
Harlan 30
Hidden Valley Harps
Lionwood Bridget
Mansur 36
Mikel Harps 34
Mikel Harps 22
Rees Harpsickle
Rees Sharpsickle
Rick Kemper
Robinsons Tara
Rydecki 36
Sligo Harps








StoneyEnd Marion
Thormahlen Swan
Timothy Skye
Timothy Niahm
Timothy Llyr
Timothy Deirdre
Timothy Oisen
Timothy Storm King 38
Triplett Axline30
Triplett Celtic II
Westover Harps
WitcherCeltic32 g-c
Woldsong Shawna
Woldsong Southwind
Woldsong Victoria 38


String Installation Guide

You may click on this link above to see our string installation guide. As a service to the harp community, we offer a Harp String Installation Guide free to all harpers in the entire world.  

How To Order

Just phone, fax, or e-mail us at We take payment in the form of checks, Visa or MasterCard. Please be sure to include your mailing address when contacting us.


 In addition to supplying the harp community with the highest quality harp strings and cases, we have been building one-of-a-kind custom harps (Mountain Glen Harps LLC), for twenty years, and harp kits (Cambria Harp Kits), since 1982. To find out more about our Harp Kits, or our Custom One-Of-A-kind Harps, please click on the links above.

Markwood Heavenly Strings: PO Box 1137, Phoenix, Oregon 97535 USA
541 535-7700  Fax: 541 535-5657
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